Nausea Relief


50 mL



50 mL

All bottles are glass to prevent unsafe leeching from the interaction of plastic with essential oils.
Environmentally friendly as recyclable.


Lemon – Citrus limonine
Peppermint – Mentha piperita
Ginger – Zingibar officinalis
Vanilla seeds extract
Natural pure, organic Stevia tincture
Flower essences
Organic alcohol as a preservative.

Therapeutic Application

Traditionally used for, morning sickness in pregnancy, sea sickness, air sickness, car sickness, nausea & digestive disorders.
Dosage: Adult 1/2 tsp in warm water 4-6 times daily
Child 1/8 tsp in warm water 4-6 times daily Take prior to journey & during trip Can be taken up to 8x daily.


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